We don't do that many squats :-)

Making you feel bad or like you're not doing enough isn't the way to reach your goals, and unfortunately most gyms and trainers make you feel like you're never doing enough.

Empowering you to harness your strengths and skills, helping you see how what you're doing is enough, and guiding you down a path to help you reach your goals is what we're about at Fitness 2.0.

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 Dear Rochester Area Woman,

  • Are you looking to start a workout routine, but you are uncertain where or how to start?

Hi I'm James, and I understand there is A LOT of info on working, etc. My wife Kristin and I started Fitness 2.0 to be a safe place where you're empowered to get really strong, both inside and out so that you can stick with a routine.

We help women tone up, get healthier, and feel amazing without doing workouts you dread or following rigid meal plans that drain you of your happiness & freedom so that a busy woman can get your results while having a life.

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 Perhaps you'd like to learn a little more about us before you commit to coming in? We get it... going into a gym to meet with a trainer is usually a pretty frightening experience.

I get it. A lot of our clients have had troubling experiences with personal trainers, gyms, or fitness places before coming in.

One of our clients, Lisa, was promised five pounds of weight loss in one week if she followed a meal plan perfectly. She followed it perfectly, but she was down only a couple pounds on the scale.

The trainer was insensitive... he doubted her, and said, "you must not have done something right. You couldn't have followed the plan perfectly." He made her feel bad, like there was something wrong with her, and that's not cool.

I met Lisa a year and a half ago - she showed up consistently week after week, pushed when it was needed, rested when it was needed, and then she had to undergo major surgery.