This is a tough decision for you because it's scary to take a leap of faith and click that green button.

Then it's tough to come in! I get it... most of our clients have been burned multiple times when it comes to this stuff.

But listen -- it's okay if you come in and decide it's not a good fit for you. As least you took action, which is powerful! you're not wondering if you missed out.

You're not committing to anything. No obligation. You can try it out risk free.

However, if this is a good fit for you -- this coaching will change your life.

So click the green button below, enter your info, and we'll see you on the other side.

That's my wife Kristin with me. She is the brains, toughness, and inspiration that's turned Fitness 2.0 into a woman helping powerhouse.

Fitness 2.0 is about empowering women -- you're capable of more than you know...

...and we're too hard on ourselves as humans. You deserve to give yourself a break.

At Fitness 2.0, you awaken and unlock all your skills lying within you, and:

  • reach your goals easier
  • strengthen your mental toughness
  • become more resilient & reduce your stress
  • boost your confidence

The Simple Discovery

Humans aren't designed to diet, restrict, or avoid foods -- diets and weight loss products increase just like obesity rates.

Do you have experience with a toddler nursing? When they're hungry, they cry...

...and when they're satisfied -- they stop.

Toddlers don't:

  • overeat at restaurants
  • stress eat
  • grab chips while watching TV

Adults do...

...after society messes us up.

Does Fitness 2.0 Make Sense For You?

The typical client at Fitness 2.0 isn't a "workout junkie" -- probably wouldn't be working anywhere if not for Fitness 2.0.

They don't feel comfortable in large gyms, doing bootcamps... and frankly, they never really wanted to workout in the first place -- but grow to appreciate the benefits and even start to enjoy it.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with different backgrounds...

...and they're boosting their confidence, getting mentally stronger, and sticking with it.

You can too.

Click the green button below to grab yourself a free workout pass

Results Vary for Each Person

Nancy and Linda don't have unusual superpowers... (just those that moms have)

...they come from different backgrounds and have unique struggles and frustrations.

They took a leap of faith... took action to see if our coaching was a good fit.

You can too -- if it's not a good fit, at least you know...

Click the green button below, enter your info. On the other side is freedom.

Fitness 2.0 is coaching that helps women lose weight eating regular food...

...and get strong & feel awesome doing workouts that make you feel better.

Hi, I'm James -- weight loss success story turned wellness and weight loss coach for women.

After losing weight, I yo-yo dieted for about 10 years until my wife made a simple discovery -- more on this in a moment.

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