Why'd we open Fitness 2.0?

When I met Kristin in 2010, she was doing tons of cardio & eating all of the things she thought she was supposed to eat to tone up...

...but nothing was happening. She was so frustrated because she didn't what else to do, and...

In fact, it was getting worse for her. She was losing tone.

My own transformation, working with her, and friends inspired me to become a personal trainer.

As I started working with women, I realize they all struggled with the same lies, myths, and misconceptions that were holding Kristin back.

After we moved back to Michigan, we decided we wanted to make an impact on the women of the world...

...to empower you to be healthy & fit on the inside as well.

When you have the right system and guidance, it's so much easier than the Internet makes it out to be.

See for yourself by jumping on a free coaching call.

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Pick a time that works best for you. You'll discover how simple it can be to feel as good as you can both inside & out.

How It Works

  1. Get a free coaching call (if you like what you here, then...)
  2. 1 on 1 virtual workout or a 1 on 1 in person workout as soon as we open!
  3. 1 on 1 coaching call
  4. Fresh workouts for any level
  5. Ongoing support & accountability
  6. Be as fit as ever both inside & out on your way to a healthier, happier, and limitless future

Feel as good as you ever have!

get a free coaching call to see how...

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Let us show you a simple way to tone up and feel great so that you will sustain it.

Fitness 2.0 makes it easier to get healthier & feel your best in a way that's actually possible to maintain