It was April of 2010, and I was coming through my own personal transformation.

Three years prior I can remember sitting there helpless while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Where did the 50 or so pounds come from? I wouldn't dare weigh myself, so I don't really know how much I ended up losing.

Now it was 3 years later, and I had developed my own system how to lose weight, tone up, and sustain it.

That's when Kristin came into my life...

She was a "dieter" who desperately wanted to be thin. She wasn't comfortable in her own skin, and she tied her self worth to how thin she was.

She was doing everything she thought she was supposed to do, but she wasn't toning up.

Each time she went to the gym, it was an hour of cardio followed by "ab stuff." She ate all of the "right diet foods" too.

Still, nothing -- she was actually losing tone. She was so frustrated about not getting any results, and she was growing more self conscious about how she looked.

We'd go on dates, go to restaurants, and eat out.

I can remember thinking, "there's no way she wants to eat a chicken salad every single time we're at a restaurant."

It was impossible to me!

We ended up moving to New Jersey, and that's when we started working out together.

She hated cardio with a passion. I explained to her the myth about cardio and weight loss.

I started to show her how to do strength training. I encouraged her to eat a wide variety of foods.

Of course nutrition is important, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying pizza or a burger too!

She got into the best shape of her life.

More importantly, she feels her best on the inside. She eats food those diet magazines tell you are forbidden...

... and doesn't have any guilt!

It's freedom to longer stress or worry about calories, carbs, or fat in every piece of food you're about to eat.

She goes to a restaurant and actually eats what she wants. No longer picking off my fries and then feeling shame for eating fried greasy food.

And she didn't gain any weight or become less healthy.

She's strong internally & externally.

So that's why we opened a women's only fitness studio when we moved back to Michigan. We think every woman deserves to have the kind of internal & external transformation that Kristin did.

So if you're interested in hearing more, click the yellow button below to grab a free coaching call.

Pick the time that works best for you.

So looking forward to telling you more about how we can help you!

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