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If you're a woman looking to get stronger, fitter, or healthier, we're here to help

 Are goal isn't to convince you to come in and sign up... as you read below, you'll see what we stand against, what we stand for, and you'll see the types of women who love Fitness 2.0.

If you discover as you read below that we're not describing you, that's okay! We encourage you to keep on looking to find a place to safely work on your fitness goals.

If you read below and discover that we are describing you, the next logical thing to do is take 1 of the 2 steps available at the bottom of the page.

Simply decide which options makes the most sense for you.

At Fitness 2.0, here's what we stand against:

  • dieting, tempting quick-fix weight loss fads, meal plans, and food rules
  • the guilt that being "bad" causes, constantly worrying about food
  • fear about losing control at a party, blaming ourselves for not sticking with a diet
  • putting ourselves down and being too hard on ourselves
  • forcing down unsatisfying "diet" food, all or nothing nutrition plans
  • beating ourselves up in a workout to "burn" more,
  • and we stand against what the dieting weight loss industry drills into our minds from the time we are young kids

At Fitness 2.0, here's what we stand for:

  • taking the time to prioritize our needs & breaking free from the grip of the dieting weight loss industry
  • savoring food that we enjoy, falling in love with exercise because of how it makes us feel
  • being accepting of our bodies, celebrating and being positive about all body types, empowering women to be confident and comfortable with who we are
  • forgiving ourselves when we "fail," nourishing our bodies, a safe environment where you can be yourself without fear of  judgment
  • honesty and realistic expectations, giving our bodies what they need, and we stand for believing in ourselves because we are strong, we are capable, we deserve it, and we are bad asses

Women and men are different, both physically and more importantly hormonally. We design our workouts and our nutrition coaching with the woman's body in mind.

  • a workout that helps a man get results may disrupt a woman's hormones
  • and disrupted hormones can prevent you from getting the results you desire

Who Are We?

  • I'm James. My wife Kristin and I own Fitness 2.0. Before we figured out this new approach to food and working out, our weight would fluctuate for years.
  • We're on a mission with our coach Lisa to spread the truth about health and fitness, plus change the way women think about getting healthier, fitter, and stronger.

Lisa, our coach mentioned above, joined Fitness 2.0 as a client. She had the kind of transformation every woman should strive to have (more on this in a moment) that has forever changed her life for the better.

What Else Makes Fitness 2.0 Different?

  1. fitness fads are leaving most women behind
  2. only 7% of people stick to their health resolutions
  3. just 5% of people ultimately succeed with weight loss

Our clients stick with it... 62.96% of them have been with us longer than a year because the way we teach, talk about, and live health & fitness empowers them to keep on going.

What Are the Clients Like at Fitness 2.0?

  • most are over 45
  • our clients aren't into bootcamps, crowds of people, mega gyms or large group training
  • they don't workout at every fitness place in town
  • if it wasn't for Fitness 2.0, most of them would be walking, doing some light cardio, or nothing at all
  • many of them have some kind of knee, shoulder, or neck pain or injury that irritates them
  • they want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger, in a place they feel safe and can be themselves

If you do Barre 2x/week, yoga 2x/week, Orange Theory 3x/week, and you're looking to supplement your workouts, honestly this probably won't feel like the best fit.

If you're someone who may be a little afraid of gyms, unsure if you'll be able to keep up, but understand you need to start doing something to live your best life... you'll probably feel like you belong at Fitness 2.0.

What Are the Workouts Like?

  1. a coach guides you through the entire workout so that you're always confident you know what you're doing
  2. each workout is customized to your needs so that you're getting the most out of your workouts
  3. even if you  have an injury, ache, or pain, this allows you to get a great workout so that you can get stronger and feel better
  4. they'll challenge you, but they won't beat you down so you're crawling out of there or feeling sick
  5. the workouts challenge you just enough so that you change, get stronger, and feel better so you're energized and more capable.

If you wear a heart rate monitor to obsessively check your calorie burn, and you're looking for a workout to punish you for eating carbs last night... or you're looking to earn an extra glass of wine tonight, you'll probably feel like you don't fit in at Fitness 2.0

If you want to increase your energy, get stronger, be more fit, strengthen your core, improve your balance, and just start to feel better... you'll probably feel like you fit right in at Fitness 2.0

How Do We Help Our Clients?

After 9 years of working with women, we discovered a single common thread in all of our permanent success stories.

These women are more committed. They stick with it easier. They're more resilient and bounce back after setbacks...

All keys to lifelong sustainable results.

The woman getting lasting results have made an internal transformation.

Without an internal transformation, external results like weight loss, toning, strength, and balance will never stick.

The internal transformation creates results that last.

We help our clients have their personal internal transformation through 1on1 personal coaching.

Your journey and transformation won't look like anyone else's because your life is like no other's life.

You have the unique life of a mom, sister, daughter, or grandmother.

This is why 1on1 coaching is essential for you to get results you're confident you're gonna maintain.

Because of our unique set up, we're able to offer workouts & coaching for a fraction of the price other gyms charge for less.

If you're looking for someone to scream at you and tell you to drop and give me 20 because you ate a cupcake, well that's not what we do.

If you want a coach to encourage you, help you focus on the positives, reduce your stress, and guide you on your journey so that you stay on track, and move forward in a healthy consistent way... that's we do.

Most of our clients come in for the first time nervous, anxious, and sometimes even trembling.

These are normal emotions you're supposed to feel -- it's okay.

We totally get it and want to make finding out more about what we do as low stress as possible for you.

Option 1 is to click on the link below and schedule a time to have a quick discovery call. In less that 5 minutes, you'll know if it makes sense to continue.

If it doesn't, you've only invested 5 minutes of your time. A tiny price to pay because if it does make sense to continue, this could be the beginning of a transformation that will forever change your life.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Option 2 -- if what you've read is enough for you to come in and check it out, there's a link below to schedule a free coaching session.

What's a coaching session, and why do we do one?

At the heart of what we do is empowerment through relationships and community. As a human, you're designed to thrive this way.

  • You'll get better results, feel like you're doing more, see and feel the changes more quickly when you have an expert, compassionate coach with you every step of the way.
  • You will excel when you know you're not on a journey by yourself. Going at it alone is tough because humans aren't designed to be alone.

So during the coaching session, you'll get to learn what we stand for, why we do what we do, and more importantly see first hand how we're gonna help you.

You'll know in less than 30 minutes if Fitness 2.0 is the right fit for you. It'll take less than 1% of your week to see if you're a couple changes away from a life changing transformation.

If that sounds fair, and you'd like to come in for a free coaching session, click the link below to take care of that.

Schedule a Coaching Session

We call it The 2.0 Experience because even if you leave and decide it's not a good fit, you'll have knowledge and information we don't hear anyone in fitness talking about.

Or if you're more comfortable with the discovery call, click the link below to go that route.

Schedule a Discovery Call