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The Best Way to Boost Your Metabolism After 50

There's really only one way to boost your metabolism that is sustainable long term.

If you've read articles about boosting your metabolism, you've probably come across tips like 'eat whole foods,' 'increase your protein,' do 'HIIT,' and other similar tips.

We're on a mission to bring truth to health & fitness. Yes, those items may boost your metabolism, but you wouldn't even notice.

Food digestion & exercise each make up for as little as only 10% of the total calories you burn per day.

Doesn't mean they're bad ideas, but we don't want to mislead you. Increasing your protein intake won't turn you into a calorie burning incinerator.

The best way to boost your metabolism...

Between 31 and 50 years old, the average person loses between 16.6% and 40.9% of their muscle strength.

Muscle = Metabolism

When you have more, and it's more dense, everything you do will burn more calories.

Muscle loss is why women tend to gain a little bit of weight as they age, even if they're eating the same amount of food.

If you're gaining some weight, it's not because you're doing anything... it's what the body is designed to do.

Good news is, we know the types of workouts that will preserve your current muscle and help you build new strong muscle.

Building new muscle and preserving your current muscle is your single greatest opportunity to maintain and boost your metabolism.

Muscle can essentially stop aging in its tracks. Cardio isn't a muscle builder -- not saying there's anything wrong with it if you enjoy it, but it can actually break down your muscle.

Our client, Nancy -- at 54, she thought her best years were behind her, and this made her very sad. Now at 56, though, she's stronger than ever both mentally and physically.

Our client Izzy, she's 68 and fitting into clothes she hasn't worn in over 2 decades... and it's by preserving her muscle, building new muscle, and our unique approach to food and weight loss (or toning).

When you've found the workout routine, you'll look forward to it, miss, and leave energized after every workout ready to conquer the day.

And when you've found the right nutrition coaching, you'll 100% confident you're on a plan that you can sustain (forever).

If what we're talking about is telling your gut instinct to look elsewhere, please don't stop your search. When you find the right place, it will change your life forever.

If your gut is telling you to hang around, please click one of the blogs before and check out some more stuff.

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