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See For Yourself How to Use the True Workout Benefits so You Fall in Love with It, Look Forward to It, and Even Miss It When You're Away

The first truth we want to spread to women about getting healthier, fitter, and stronger is working out isn't a tool for weight loss.

Please let me repeat that -- workouts aren't the key to weight loss.

And check this out, more intense workouts can actually prevent weight loss.

In 1990, researchers followed 2 groups of women:

  1. women who ran on average 25 miles per week
  2. women who didn't run any miles

Both groups of women ate about the same amount of calories each week. Women who ran 25 miles per week burned an extra 2,700 calories than the woman who didn't run.

After 6 months, both groups maintained a constant body weight. The women running all those miles didn't lose any weight.

Researchers believe women may possess mechanisms that cause them to maintain body weight despite increased calorie burning & a calorie deficit.

The research suggests that calories in vs calories out doesn't work for women -- it also proves that burning calories isn't the key to weight loss, for women.

Hi, I'm James. My wife Kristin and I own Fitness 2.0 -- a wellness fitness studio for women.

It's true many of our clients come through our doors to help them lose weight or tone up, and we do have a unique program that helps with weight loss & toning.

But it's vital to separate working out from the weight loss process. The thing is, once you do just this you can start to focus on the true benefits of working out.

And fall in love with it, like:

  • Improve your energy so you can keep up with your daily hustle and bustle without feeling drained
  • To get stronger so you feel more capable day after day
  • Challenging yourself so you can evolve and grow mentally stronger
  • Strengthening your core so you have better posture & protect your low back
  • Improving your balance and flexibility so you have less aches and pains, reduce your risk of slips, falls, and hip or knee replacements
  • Celebrating what your body is capable of because you're strong and healthy

Working out is a way for you to get the most out of your life every single day for as long as you can.

Focus on those benefits, and you start to fall in love with working out just like our clients have.

  • 62.96% of our clients have been with us longer than a year because of how we talk, teach, live fitness, and empower them through community and kindness

When you've found the right place, you'll start to look forward to your workouts and miss them when you can't make one.

Plus you'll leave each workout energized and invigorated to have an amazing day (which is what working out is supposed to do).

If what we're talking about doesn't align with your values, we want to wish you the best and encourage you to keep on looking till you find the right fit for you.

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