Why Nancy Kept on Gaining Body Fat Despite Running (A Lot)

There's a misconception about working out that prevents more than 90% of women from sticking with their workout routine.

Most of our clients come to us nervous about starting a routine, they don't have a lot of confidence they're gonna stick with it, and they're worried about how they're going to look working out.

If you've felt like that or have struggled to stick with a workout routine, you're not alone.

After working with women 9+ years, we've identified what helps women stick with it and what causes women to fall out of a routine.

Now that we've created a women's only studio, 62.96% of our clients have been with us more than a year because of how we talk about, teach, live fitness, and the empowering community that we've built.

One big misconception is workout intensity. Somewhere we got the idea that we have to beat our bodies into the ground to get results, but it's just not true.

Workouts seem to be more intense than ever, but society isn't getting healthier.

The right amount of stress can help you thrive and live your best life. Too much stress can kill you.

I'm not saying women can't handle intense workouts. On the contrary...

Women can generally handle more than men -- which is why men don't give birth.

But workout intensity causes stress, and women & men respond to stress differently because of the difference in our hormones.

Too much intensity, aka stress can disrupt your hormones. Disrupted hormones can cause a whole range of negative health outcomes.

If you're like the rest of my clients, you already have plenty of stress in your life. Too much stress increases your cortisol levels.

You want to know about cortisol because that little bugger is a source of increased body fat, especially around the midsection.

Increased cortisol levels can also break down your muscle, which can slow down your metabolism.

Losing muscle + gaining body fat is quite literally the opposite of toning up.

Before becoming a client, Nancy ran & ran & ran... and she kept on gaining more and more body fat.

Too much life & workout stress caused her to gain weight. Now she's in a weight range she never thought she'd see again without doing cardio.

When workouts are too intense and increase your stress levels too high, it's just not gonna make you feel good or produce the best results.

And it makes perfect sense to stop doing something that doesn't make you feel good. So if you've done this, and you stopped... give yourself a high five.

You listened to your body and made a good decision.

When you find the right fit, the workout won't feel like a punishment for being "bad." You'll start to look forward to your workouts and even miss them when you're away.

You'll leave the workouts energized and excited to tackle the day because you're feeling accomplished.

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