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Why Popular Weight Loss Trends are Unhealthy for Women

They're not just unhealthy, they're downright dangerous in many instances.

Virtually every woman who tries to lose weight or tone up has the same experience -- do good in the beginning, eventually fall off.

What no one talks about is that most nutrition plans aren't designed to make lifestyle changes and get permanent results!

Worst part is -- each woman blames herself. She creates a story in her mind that she doesn't have the willpower, she's not good enough, they she doesn't have what it takes.

Willpower has nothing to do with sustainable results.

If you repeatedly took your car to a mechanic, but your car kept breaking down... you'd either blame the car or the mechanic, right?

But when someone who tries to lose weight or tone up follows a plan designed for short-term results, she blames herself when she doesn't get permanent results.

Here are 3 of the many reasons the same 'ol diet never works long term.

  • humans aren't designed to restrict or avoid "forbidden" foods
  • food rules go against human nature
  • popular diets are based on bikini model techniques that aren't meant for permanent results

Plus each popular diet causes the dieter to fall into 2 unhealthy habits that are even dangerous.

  1. habitually monitoring food intake -- counting, measuring, worrying, wondering, and stressing about what you're eating
  2. body weight / body image preoccupation -- daily or weekly weigh ins, body measurement check ins, and body fat analyzers

Those 2 unhealthy habits combined is called Dietary Cognitive Restraint

Here are the health ramifications associated with Dietary Cognitive Restraint...

  • elevated cortisol -- which breaks down your muscle and increases body fat production, especially around the midsection.
  • reduces bone mineral density in the hips & lower back -- osteopenia & osteoporosis
  • accelerated telomere loss - speeds up the aging process
  • elevated daytime blood pressure
  • increased c-reactive protein -- associated with systemic inflammation in the body, which is associated with virtually every age related disease, plus aches and pains

The constant worry about food and weight/body image puts a lot of pressure and stress on your mind.

The mind affects your body. Mental stress can slow down or prevent physical results, like weight loss, toning up, getting stronger, and feeling physically better.

Human nature is to go away from stuff that's stressful, so if a workout plan or weight loss plan is causing those symptoms above, human nature is to run!

And those who do happen to stick with it, at what cost to their health? If you're stressing every workout, worrying about every meal, and overwhelmed each day...

It won't matter what the scale says -- being skinnier isn't necessarily more healthy.

Ditch the scale -- healthy weight loss is something you feel on your body and in your clothes long before the scale moves a lot.

Shift your mindset around working out. Find a coach who understands you & a program you're 100% confident you can start now and continue the rest of your life...

Those plans are out there.